Black Resin Shaving Brush

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An elegant shaving tool with a black resin handle and silver synthetic fibre bristles. The black resin handle is elegant, strong and waterproof. The synthetic fibre bristles, made with innovative technology, faithfully reproduce the characteristics of silver tip badger, ensuring an optimum performance.

Made in Germany.

How to use

Before using for the first time, wash the brush in hot soapy water. Important: it is normal for the brush to lose some bristles initially.Wet the area to be shaven with hot water.Create a lather with shaving soap or cream and apply it with the brush using gentle motions.Leave it to work for one or two minutes. Shave without applying excessive pressure.Rinse the face with clean water. Aftershave, cream or balm can be used as an additional treatment.Immediately after use, rinse the brush under running water, because soap residues could ruin the bristles, and leave to dry. Do not clean the brush with chemical cleaners.



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