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Bullfrog: Botanical Lab Hemp line

Bullfrog is pleased to present the new BOTANICAL LAB line, which eliminates stress, giving an instant sensation of relaxation, thanks to 3 new products which form part of the perfect routine for every type of man:
•    Anti-stress Exfoliating Gel
•    Anti-stress Hydrating Serum
•    Anti-stress Night Mask

For the basis of our anti-stress routine, we have chosen an ingredient that is as effective as it is unconventional: hemp.
Its composition is rich in mineral salts and organic acids, making it a valuable tool in the fight against the signs of stress. Its numerous properties work very effectively:

• Anti-oxidant
• Soothing
• Rebalancing
• Hydrating

Hemp has been reinterpreted by cosmetics as a luxury, refined and elegant ingredient, which places the effectiveness of its derivatives in an environmental sustainability project. This is a very important theme for Bullfrog as it uses only the highest quality raw materials in the creation of cutting-edge formulas.



Each Bullfrog product is the result of a series of development choices that aim to reduce environmental impact as one of the priorities, to combine high quality with ecological sustainability. Here are some of the features of the new Botanical Lab collection, which make it a more sustainable choice than other products.

•    100% RECYCLABLE PACKAGING: aluminium and glass have been chosen as the main materials, which can be recycled almost infinitely.
•    COLD PROCESSING: this type of processing reduces energy consumption.
•    NATURAL INGREDIENTS: the use of natural and completely biodegradable particles has a very small impact on the environment.


The 20th April is World Cannabis Day, known in America as 420; because the number for the month is placed before that of the day (4/20).

But why is it called 420?
A legend tells that a group of high school students from California in 1972 found a treasure map that led them to a cannabis cultivation.
They called themselves the Waldos because they always used to meet up in front of the same wall at their school.
But after they found the map, that wall was no longer just a gathering place for the Waldos, it was where they would go to consume their treasure, at 4.20 pm every afternoon.
Needless to say, soon 420 became the code name for their afternoons of getting high and a reference for the generations that followed.