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Exclusive artwork by Stefania Pallestrini - Limited Edition - 100 ml

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  • Description

    Bullfrog has formed an exclusive collaboration with the artist Stefania Pallestrini, an important name in the world of traditional tattoos, for a limited edition of Agnostico.

    The Agnostico label has been personalised by the artist with the drawing of the “chiodo fisso” [literally “fixed nail” in Italian]. In popular tradition, the nail is a symbol with many meanings, and this is one of Stefania Pallestrini’s signature drawings.

    The nail represents determination, extreme defence and protection; it is also a “chiodo fisso”, which in Italian is an idiom for a constant and decisive idea, an indissoluble bond to be defended at all costs.

    This is exactly the meaning that we wanted to associate with our best-selling Agnostico All-in-one Balm: an essential ally for us and our clients, a permanent part of the grooming routine. In short, it is our “chiodo fisso”.

  • How to use

    The secret formula for Bullfrog barbers, ideal for softening and taming even the hardest and most rebellious beards. It nourishes the hair without weighing it down and hydrates the skin on the face and body. It is perfect for calming post-shave irritation.

    Apply a generous amount of the product and brush through the beard. Alternatively massage into the face after shaving or use to nourish the hair.


    An unmistakeable woody, aromatic cocktail, characterised by aniseed top notes, leather and tobacco middle notes and Bay Rum base notes, a rum historically produced in the Caribbean and used as an aftershave-cologne, which give the fragrance an intensity and a trail lasting 6-8 hours.