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Travel Shaving Set with Case

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    A collection of tools dedicated to a clientèle that loves taking care of themselves through the ritual of shaving.

    Shaving set dedicated to all the men who do not want to sacrifice their traditional shaving ritual when they are travelling.

    The kit, chrome-plated by hand, consists of:

    Retractable shaving brush with synthetic silver tip badger fibre;

    Travel razor compatible with Gillette® Mach3®

    High-quality leather case, made in Italy, to keep the tools in.

    Made in Germany.


    Remove the cylinder from its leather compartment and unscrew the upper section. Turn the product upside down to make the brush head come out and, keeping the handle in the same position, screw it onto the upper section.

    Close the lower section with the previously unscrewed base.

    Before using for the first time, wash the brush in hot soapy water. Important: it is normal for the brush to lose some bristles initially./p>

    Wet the area to be shaven with hot water.

    Create a lather with shaving soap or cream and apply it with the brush using gentle motions.

    Leave it to work for one or two minutes. Shave without applying excessive pressure.

    Rinse the face with clean water. Aftershave, cream or balm can be used as an additional treatment.

    Immediately after use, rinse the brush under running water, because soap residues could ruin the bristles, and leave to dry. Do not clean the brush with chemical cleaners.


    Use the razor by heating the blade with hot water.

    Shave, following the direction of growth of the hair and frequently rinsing the blade. Avoid shaving against the grain, especially in difficult areas such as the chin or under the nose, or on particularly delicate skin.

    Rinse the face completely, first with hot water or a hot cloth and then with cold water.

    Apply an aftershave lotion, fluid or cream suitable for the skin type, with moisturising and soothing properties.

    Rinse the razor under running water and put it back in a vertical position.