Light and soft, cotton is a vegetable fibre particularly suitable for direct wear against the skin. It is highly absorbent and doesn’t irritate the skin..


Gassed cotton is a type of cotton thread that has been industrially processed to improve its characteristics. Mercerised cotton is a cotton thread that has been chemically treated to obtain a better hand and greater shine.The combination of these treatments makes the thread more uniform and smooth, giving the product a unique hand that is particularly suited to winter garments.


Made from mercerised cotton, lisle is a thread used for sewing and high-quality knitwear. It is produced from the finest long-staple cotton. The thread undergoes a double mercerisation process at low temperature.



Modal is a fibre produced from wood pulp. It is a type of rayon, a fibre made from reconstituted cellulose. Fabrics made from modal are stronger, shrink less and fade less than other fibres.



Wool is an animal fibre with excellent insulating properties that is warm to the touch. The finer and wavier the wool, the greater its ability to retain heat. Wool fibre is elastic and very hard wearing.



Merino wool is the fibre obtained from merino sheep. This type of wool is prized for its fineness: the coat of a merino sheep is thinner than that of a common sheep. This special characteristic, together with the qualities found in ordinary wool, make it a luxurious fibre ideal for making certain garments, especially men’s suits.



Silk is an animal fibre produced by the silk worm. It reflects light with an inimitable shimmer and easily absorbs dyes in a wide variety of shades. The elasticity of silk thread makes the fabric particularly strong. Non-allergenic, silk retains body heat and absorbs perspiration, making it warm in the winter and cool in the summer.



Cashmere is a luxurious fibre obtained from the undercoat of Capra hircus, a breed of goat raised in the mountainous regions of Asia for over 7000 years. Its name is an old spelling of Kashmir, the region straddling China, India and Pakistan.



The oldest textile in the world, linen is also one of the strongest natural fibres. This toughness means it is highly durable and does not stretch. Linen is a hollow fibre, giving it excellent thermal regulation properties which, combined with its ability to absorb moisture, makes it particularly cool and comfortable to wear in the summer.



Elastane (Lycra) is a synthetic fibre used to add stretch to fabrics. Highly elastic, it can be used on its own or in combination with less flexible fibres to give them stretch. It’s also resistant to oxidising agents and pollutants.


Polyamide (nylon) is a synthetic fibre used to make tights and socks. Highly resistant to tearing and deformation, it’s an easy-care fibre with excellent dyeability and crease resistance..



IPolyester is a synthetic fibre with a silky appearance used to make women’s wear, lingerie and underwear. It’s an elastic fibre that's highly resistant to light and tearing.



The finest quality Italian leather is used for WOMO accessories. Our products are available in a range of finishes: natural calfskin, saffiano calfskin, natural vacchetta leather, suede and leather.